1 Redressal/Disposal of staff grievances/ representations received in different portals like Single Window Cell, CP-GRAM, Nivaran (including cases of Re-Fixation, Seniority, MACB Arrears, Promotion, etc) 30 Working Days from receipt of Application
2 Personal interview with DRM Same Day (lf DRM is not available, then interview will be with ADRM concerned.)
3 Compassionate Appointment. Cases Approved at 90 Days Divisional Level
Cases Requiring Approval from HQ. 60 Days in Division + 30 Days HQ.
4 Payments of settlement Dues Superannuation : On date of retirement
VRS/Death/Resignation : 60 Days (for non-disputed cases only )
5 Promotion through Selections and Suitability Within one year of issue of previous panel
6 NOC for own request transfer including mutual transfer Disposal of Application within 15 Working Days of receipt (Either forwarding of application or rejection of case)
7 Sending call letters to candidates selected through RRB and RRC Including verification of panel RRB/RRC Within 30 Working Days of operation of panel.
8 a) Approval of various types of Advances /Loans Administrative Sanction within 7 Working Days.
b) Disbursal of Advances/Loans & Arrears after approval With salary in the next billing cycle (as applicable).
9 P.F. Withdrawal Administrative approval of competent authority within 7 working days of receipt of application.
Disbursal to be done within 7 days from the date of approval.
10 Issue of P.F. Statement Same Day
11 Viewing of Service Record Once a year
12 N.O.C. for Higher Education, Property Transaction, passport, Deputation. 14 Working Days from receipt of Application where vigilance clearance is not required & 30 Days in other cases
13 Disposal of D&AR Cases Major – 150 Days
Minor – 31 Days
14 Issue of Pass/PTO 1 Working Day
15 Sanction & Payment of CTG/OT/TA Sanction within 45 working days from date of receipt of claim from employee.
Disbursal to be done with salary in the next billing cycle (as applicable)
16 Provision of essential Amenities for staff Provision of Ladies Toilet By March 2018 and Changing Room in offices where there are more than 5 female employees working
Whitewashing of office building (including station) Every year
Filtered Water for identified /nominated offices. Within 60 days of issue of charter
Fans and Desert coolers in identified /nominated offices. Within 60 days of issue of charter
Provision of PC & internet connectivity as per stipulated norms. Within 6 months of issue of charter
17 Disposal of Leave application a)      Casual Leave : 1 Working Day
b)     LAP/Maternity Leave/Paternity Leave : 7 Working Days
c)      Ex-India : 30 Working Days
18 Issue of Seniority List Once Every Year